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Whaii is founded on the basis of our own experiences and challenges when hiring the right people to our teams.

Our past experiences as hiring managers with both full-time employees and freelancers we found that screening candidates for interviewing and eventually hire often was based on hard factors (skills, education etc.).

However, it was often soft factors, such as personality, personal values and cultural preferences that caused people to either leave by their own initiative, being let go by the company, or simply resulted in low performance, low engagement and low satisfaction for both parties.

We strongly believe we can do better in matching people and companies. To the benefit of both candidates and companies. We can do that by focusing on personality, values and cultural preferences.

That is how Whaii was founded. Using sophisticated technology with a human touch to hire better! A Danish start-up with global ambitions – and full speed ahead!

Below: Morten Kongsbak (CVO) and Michael Skovsgaard (CEO), the founders of Whaii.com.



Here are some of our partners that have helped make Whaii a reality and who continue to contribute to our mission every day.


Andersen Partners logo

Andersen Partners – Overall advisor in legal matters, GDPR etc.


Danske Bank logo

Danske Bank – General banking services


Deloitte logo

Deloitte – Overall advisor in financial matters

Digitalist logoDigitalist – Website technical partner


Gavdi Labs logo

Gavdi Labs – Application and integration development for i.e. SAP SuccessFactors


IBM logo

IBM – Development resources, cloud services, infrastructure platform



KYNETIC – Digital Media marketing partner


Mundfuld Studio logo

Mundfuld Studio – Overall design partner for logo, website, etc.

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