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In under 1 minute, you will see in the video below how Whaii Match can address your needs for better and faster hiring.

Save time. Hire better.

Whaii Match enhances your candidate screening practices by:

– Screening through thousands of applications in seconds

– Identifying the best match of candidates based
on personality, values, culture, and skills

      – Helping you strengthen your organizational foundation

Whaii helps you:

Intuitive integration with Whaii Match

01 – We take what is already there


When your candidates apply for jobs in your organization they send in their cover letters, CV’s or other forms of applications. The words provided (still mostly in text form) can be extracted and analyzed. We also support automatically inviting candidates to a digital dialogue to answer predefined questions or cases. This is our starting point.

02 -Algorithms & analysis


We then take that text and apply artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced linguistic analysis to create a candidate profile detailing skills, personality, values and cultural preferences.

03 – Matching


Whaii Match automatically analyzes each and every candidate and ranks them based on how well they match the target profile for the job and organization. Using our advanced target profile creation tool you can even simulate how different changes to the target profile will impact the candidate list. You can then focus your attention on the candidates that are best suited, interview better candidates and hire the best!

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