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Mass hiring or bulk hiring is typically a phenomenon among large organizations. It contains a high volume hiring (thousands yearly) often related to both domestic and global operating growth companies, however not limited to this.

With new standards continually being set among start-up companies with sky high growth rates and a rapid increase of staff, they also experience mass hiring processes (hundreds of positions). Some job positions simply attract a high number of applicants and can be viewed as a mass hiring process.

Mass recruitment is challenging. In most companies the recruitment process is still relatively time consuming. In addition to this the selection and qualification process is still very manual and based on a subjective “gut-feeling”.

Hiring the right people is becoming more vital and the requirements for HR is increasing with a focus on human attributes in addition to skills. This is making the pre-selection even more challenging, as it is difficult to read a person’s personality out of an application or similar application forms. All in all, mass hiring’s call for a new approach in order to meet new HR requirements.

With new technologies and software emerging it is possible to take a giant leap within mass hiring in HR recruiting. One of the areas embraced by new technology solutions is pre-selection or candidate screening. There are a few HR tech vendors providing first class software within candidate screening solutions, solving the challenges of mass hiring both from a time consumption and from a qualification point of view.

Whaii Match is delivering a fully automated screening solution applicable for both single hiring and mass hiring’s using advanced first-class software and algorithms.


Whaii makes it possible to bulk hire

Whaii Match is delivering a fully automated screening solution applicable for both single hiring and mass hiring using advanced first-class software. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) it empowers the modern HR professional to hire the right people, saves time and makes sure no talent escapes un-hired. It is set to transform the screening process completely.

Whaii Match makes it possible by taking advantages of new technology, but still with a human touch. The Whaii Match platform simply transforms bulk recruitment into a top professional qualification process, considerable time saving and improving the professionalism in HR to a level never seen before. Furthermore, Whaii Match supports the following value drivers in future bulk recruitment process:

  • Including the behavioral changes within the workforce and society trends with emphasis on personality, values and culture match preferences in addition to skills. A unique approach, but also an efficient tool to strengthening the organizational foundation with the starting point of recruiting the best match of candidates and talents.
  • Supporting a good candidate experience by delivering an automated digital communication module to enhance and enrich mutual insights in the screening process. A new approach in an era where digital communication and speed is essential. Secondly, Whaii Match provides more accurate insights of the candidate personality enhancing HR’s ability to provide and automate a more personal feedback to candidates. All to benefit candidate branding which is essential for organizations to attract the right talent.


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Mass recruiting the best applicants

Mass staffing recruitment equals an enormous candidate/talent pool. A fantastic opportunity for an organization to strengthening a team. The challenges in mass staffing recruitment is related to resources and human bias. Mass recruiting is time consuming and the risk of losing talents due to lack of response or progress is characteristic. In addition, the capability to handle such a high volume of applications, CV or information in general is limited considering human bias as a negative factor.

A match of personality, values and culture preferences is becoming more vital. These human attributes are often neglected in favor of skills in mass recruiting. In today’s HR requirements of building high performance organizations and individual development and meaningfulness this is simply not good enough.

Therefore to accommodate new requirements in a changing workforce environment a new approach must be taken to improve mass recruiting the best applicants embracing human qualification in new ways.

Whaii Match screening solution is one of only a few products in the market taking this approach by focusing on personality, values and culture and addressing it with a modern solution.



How does Whaii Match bulk hiring work?

Whaii Match is tailored to support a bulk hiring process. Whaii Match characteristics are the following:

• Uses available applicant data in different forms (application, CV, formula data, etc.)

• All screening processes linking Candidates – Whaii Match – Employer is automated

• A digital communication module enhances the exchange of mutual insights for the best match e.g. simple questionnaire, case solving etc.

• Only in vital candidate selection steps is human interaction required (that’s the human touch, which is an essential philosophy in Whaii, using automated solutions)

• One of the first truly automated candidate screening tools to not only analyze based on skills but also on personality, values and culture.

• Uses AI and advanced linguistic analysis to automatically create a bias-free profile for all candidates, making sure that everyone is being considered.

• These profiles are then ranked against a target profile set by HR for the specific job (skills and personality) and organization (values and culture

All features to make the best bulk recruitment process so HR can focus their efforts on the ones most likely to succeed in the job, communicate fast and effectively with them and deliver the best possible candidate experience.



Bulk hiring - do not comprise

A bulk hiring process really should not be any different from that of single hiring’s. The only difference is the volume of candidates.

However, sometimes organizations compromise by purpose to simplify and reduce time consumption. This could be by focusing on a simple selection criteria in the screening process e.g. favor certain universities etc. A natural step but it does compromise the qualification process by excluding other important criteria such as personality and culture preferences.
Receiving many applications to open job positions is a giant opportunity to analyze the potential talent pool with emphasis on human attributes in addition to skills.

Letting this opportunity go by simplifying criteria is not the way forward considering the fact that future organizations will gain a competitive edge by strengthening their innovation, productivity, creativity, belonginess etc. with emphasis on matching human attributes with organizational values and culture preferences.

Therefore, do not comprise in the bulk hiring process but take a step forward by using sophisticated HR technology to fulfill HR goals and needs.

Whaii Match is an interesting and innovative AI tool which do not compromise people and organizations match preferences.



Advantages in mass recruitment

When doing mass hire it is sometimes seen as being complicated and time consuming and thus HR will try to avoid such a hiring process. But there are advantages, which could be described as by following:

• The opportunity to brand your organization in a broader term

• Receiving a high volume of candidate applications and resumes is a fantastic opportunity to analyze a candidate pool comprehensively with emphasis on human attributes and diversity.

• By analyzing a broad candidate pool for the purpose of making many hiring’s enhance the possibilities for building and shaping a new organizational culture, whether this is related to single department or the whole organization.

By focusing on people as core foundation in your company you will likely achieve a competitive edge. By working with mass recruitment, you will have the opportunity to facilitate such a competitive edge faster.



Trends within bulk hiring recruitment

Being “recruiters in mass” – what is the outlook?

There are no clear indications of what direction bulk hiring will take in the future workforce. However, there are many trend and research reports underlining that human attributes will be more and more vital. This is seen in the light of the new digital era where organizational foundation is challenged especially within the change of competencies and culture needed.

Bulk hiring recruitment will likely continue, but probably in a new form. One approach is that HR technology make it possible to redefine and make new ways for how candidates and companies meet.

The use of social platforms will likely increase. One could imagine that people and companies meet on future marketplaces where people can choose which organizations they will join based on pre-defined and pre-analyzed job matching profiles. Job matching data will be based on personal data linked to social platforms. The capability to make match analyzes and prescreening of larger data volumes will consequently be a competitive edge.

Whaii Match is one of the first truly automated candidate screening tools capable to handle large data profile analyses creating personal profiles and match foundations. All automated using Artificial Intelligence (AI) it empowers the modern HR professional to hire the right people, saves time and makes sure no talent escapes un-hired. It is set to transform the screening process completely. Whaii Match helps you meet future demands.



Ready for bulk hiring that saves time without compromising on the quality of the candidates?

Looking into bulk hiring and to avoid compromising quality in the pre-selection and screening process you must be open towards using HR technology as an assisting tool to help reach your goal.

Whaii Match is one of the first truly automated candidate screening tools to not only analyze based on skills but also on personality, values and culture. All automated. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) it empowers the modern HR professional to hire the right people, saves time and makes sure no talent escapes un-hired. It is set to transform the screening process completely.



Candidate Screening: SOLVED

Whaii Match is your SaaS recruitment platform that automate your candidate screening so you can achieve a 100% screening rate and make sure no talent escapes unhired. Ready for you to use. No CAPEX involved.

Works with: ✔ HR Systems  ✔ Job portals  ✔ External recruiters  ✔ Stand-alone

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Avoid failed hires

We automatically create profiles of all candidates’ personality, values and cultural preferences to make sure they fit the job and organization. Minimizes risk of failed hires.

Make sure no talent escapes un-hired

Whaii Match brings your screening rate to 100% and makes sure you do not miss that perfect candidate. Whaii Match never stops analyzing – even if you receive hundreds or thousands of applications. 

Spend your HR time on what really matters

Use the 25-40% time savings to increase the quality of your HR efforts by working even closer with your organization to achieve your goals.

You need to change the way you screen candidates


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Save time. Hire better. Here’s how.

At Whaii we work to create stronger organizational foundations based on values and culture.

We do this by using Artificial Intelligence and advanced algorithms to:

– Deliver new ways for organizations and candidates to meet
– Match applicants based on personality, values, culture and skills

All automated – without requiring additional resources from the organization.

We help increase the number of successful hires, save time spent in the recruitment process (25-40%) and make employees more happy and productive.

We ensure that your best employees stay with you longer and we help your organization become more resilient and agile.

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01 – We take what is already there

When your candidates apply for jobs in your organization they send in their cover letters, CV’s or other forms of applications. The words provided (still mostly in text form) can be extracted and analyzed. We also support automatically inviting candidates to a digital dialogue to answer predefined questions or cases. This is our starting point. 


02 -Algorithms & analysis

We then take that text and apply artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced linguistic analysis to create a candidate profile detailing skills, personality, values and cultural preferences. 


03 – Matching

Whaii Match automatically analyzes each and every candidate and ranks them based on how well they match the target profile for the job and organization. Using our advanced target profile creation tool you can even simulate how different changes to the target profile will impact the candidate list. You can then focus your attention on the candidates that are best suited, interview better candidates and hire the best!


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