We help you screen candidates in seconds

Improve your candidate screening process with our unique ability to analyze personality, values, culture and skills in one automated solution.

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Avoid failed hires

You automatically create profiles of all candidates’ personality, values and cultural preferences to make sure they fit the job and your organization. Minimizes risk of failed hires.

Make sure no talent escapes unhired

Whaii Match brings your screening rate to 100% and makes sure you do not miss that perfect candidate. Whaii Match never stops analyzing – even if you receive hundreds or thousands of applications. 

Spend your HR time on what really matters

Use the 25-40% time savings to increase the quality of your HR efforts by working even closer with your organization to achieve your goals.

Candidate Screening: SOLVED

Whaii Match is your SaaS recruitment platform that automate your candidate screening so you can achieve a 100% screening rate and make sure no talent escapes unhired. Ready for you to use. No CAPEX involved.

Works with:

✔ HR Systems 

✔ Job portals 

✔ External recruiters 

✔ Stand-alone

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You need to change the way you screen candidates


Must-read if you want to compete in tomorrows job market.

Download your whitepaper to learn why it is essential that you change the way you screen job applications today and further increase your focus on personality, values and culture.

Not just to improve your bottom line, organizational strength and employee engagement, but also to make sure you win the war for talent and hire the right people – even when you mass hire.


Save time. Hire better. Here’s how.

You will be able to create stronger organizational foundations based on values and culture.

You will do this by using Artificial Intelligence and advanced algorithms to:

– Match your applicants based on personality, values, culture and skills
– Ensure that you will succeed in hiring the right people 

All automated – without requiring additional resources from the organization.

You will increase the number of successful hires, save time spent in the recruitment process (25-40%) and make employees more happy and productive.

You ensure that your best employees stay with you longer and help your organization become more resilient and agile. Read your recruitment tips here.

We are impressed with the services of Whaii Match within recruiting.

Global Employer Branding Manager

Corporate HR – Talent Acquisition, 25000+ Employee European Manufacturing Company

I am still pretty "high" after trying Whaii Match for the first time. Really cool and very useful.

Human Resources Business Partner

Corporate HR Department, 15000+ Employee European Fashion Company


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